Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Judge a person by his actions, not his words

"Veteran Sun-Sentinel reporter Mark Hollis is leaving the newspaper at the end of the month to take a job as communications director for

Before being transferred to the Sentinel's Palm Beach County office last year, Hollis had covered state politics in Tallahassee since 1994. He will begin his new job with the Democrats on December 1. He said he was approached by Barry Kling, staff director for the House Democratic Office, about the job and only formalized the hiring yesterday. During the process, he interviewed with House Minority Leader designate Franklin Sands, a rep from Weston. His salary will be $75,000."

Among comments to article:

"Sam the Sham says:

Big D says:
  • Anyone who couldn't recognize the Dem slant to this guys writing would have to be blind. He was already working for the Dems... the real news is that he will no longer have a paid job with the SS.

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