Saturday, October 10, 2009

ABC News says, "Taliban, Al Qaeda Helped by Warming."

Even the BBC (normally on the side of the global hoax) acknowledged recently that the earth has been cooling since 1998. But trillions are riding on this scam (enmeshed in which are Goldman Sachs, Al Gore, the UN and others). *
  • Per Gateway Pundit, ABC News pitches that Al Qaeda and the Taliban are helped by man-induced global warming.
Gateway Pundit: "ABC News reported, via NewsBusters:"
Agriculture in [Afghanistan] is struggling, leaving many young men with
  • no money or work...
“There are a lot more people… who are unemployed with nothing to do, and so the
  • Taliban basically seems an attractive thing for them to join,” says [some journalist/government employee]..."
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First, global warming doesn't exist despite billions being made off the idea in carbon offsets scams. Second, there are many well educated, middle class terrorists (see 9-11 terrorist resumes). ABC paints the problem as one of poverty, per Gateway Pundit. Poverty and illiteracy are helpful, but they're not caused by global warming either.

*"Goldman Sachs took a 10% stake in the firm (CCX, Chicago Climate Exchange) at the time and later (Jan. 2007) increased its holdings to at least 19%. CCX is also 10% owned by Generation Investment Management, a firm founded and chaired by Al Gore and co-founded by the above-mentioned former Goldman CEO, Hank Paulson. " from American Thinker article, 7/14/09.
P.S. I am the daughter of an Eagle Scout, a Forestry major who made his career in recycled materials. I grew up having my use of water monitored, no air conditioning, told to put a sweater on when it was cold in the house in winter (thermostat turned down). My parents grew up in the Great Depression and had nothing and taught me to live as sparingly as possible. It was all common sense as is conservation and saving the planet. The CCX in Chicago isn't about the planet, it's about billionaires like Soros and Goldman Sachs people getting richer. (framus)

Major League Baseball is a big promoter of global warming.

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