Wednesday, December 30, 2009

'Scientists and climatologists have a lot of money and power behind them' 5/27/04

5/27/04, Cinema Confidential News, "Director Roland Emmerich on (the movie) "The Day After Tomorrow"
  • "Q: How have you been handling all of the attention the movie is receiving in the press?

ROLAND: It’s strange that a popcorn movie is becoming a political news item on “The Today Show.” I was on several of these news shows lately and it’s quite interesting to watch. You see these people appearing and everybody has warned me about it,

But they have a lot of money and power behind them so they get

  • heard very loudly. ...

But I’m not that political as a person. I’m more interested in subjects."...

  • ""What we're doing to the planet is scary. And what the planet might do back is even scarier.""...5/04 (this is stated as if it were fact by the director).

"Former vice president Al Gore has rallied behind the film and plans a series of
  • town hall meetings to discuss global warming.

The activist group is dispatching thousands of volunteers to hand out leaflets about climate change to moviegoers."... 5/04

  • (about a film stated to be ficticious).
  • An overworked citizenry bombarded by Hollywood, corrupt grifters, endless leftwing propaganda and the media decided it was easier to join the criminals than fight them.
  • Until now. The 11 th hour. It is the peoples' time.

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