Friday, May 7, 2010

"The left to me is the media," said Andrew Breitbart. Beltway politicians are subservient to the the media

5/7/10, "The bias of the liberal media is so deeply ingrained that it is an essential part of its structure -

one that conservatives must fight hard to challenge effectively, according to conservative new media guru Andrew Brietbart. "The left, to me, in essence, is the media," said Breitbart....

Big liberal names like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, he explained, "possess limited charms." "Their ability to get what they need to get done is because

they're carrying the water of the media," said Breitbart. "The media is
  • a left-of-center ecosystem, it's a left-of-center organism.
Known for attacking liberal media bias head-on, Breitbart is a political commentator who owns his own news web site,, as well as the blogs Big Hollywood, Big Government and Big Journalism. He also serves as an editor for the Drudge Report.

I aim everything at attacking the media for its biases and holding them accountable for their biases, and the things that they report incorrectly,
  • or the things they fail to report, he said.
By aiming everything at the media I’ve pretty much done the one thing they ask you not to do.
For these people to tell me with a straight face that they don’t come to the media and their jobs from a political perspective, from a left-of-center perspective, is just a bald-faced lie.” 

When facing mistreatment by the media, Breitbart urged conservatives
"These people don't fight fair," he said. "The left does not fight fair, and so I'm basically saying to conservatives, you don't have to fight fair.” 

I want to break down this politically correct paradigm. These are rules that tell conservatives:
Christians, he said, will only exacerbate the problem if they continue to react
  • "Christian turn-the-cheek tactics do not work against this crowd," he said.
Breitbart said he hoped his battle against the liberal media could become "an international movement,"
  • and likened the battle to the previous century's battle against Communism.
"This is the same battle that Ronald Reagan and many millions of other people fought in the 20th century, it just has a 21st century new media battleground," he said.
"Andrew Breitbart: The left is, is essence, the media", via gateway pundit


Comment: If both baseball and news media's sentiments were carried out to their logical conclusion, their own deaths would be the result. They are at minimum, suicidal. 

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