Thursday, September 16, 2010

Scientists admit mistake about key mantra, 2010 Arctic ice not so bad after all, didn't shrink to 2007 low-BBC

BBC: "Ice floating on the Arctic Ocean melted unusually quickly this year, but did not shrink down to the record minimum area seen in 2007.
  • That is the preliminary finding of US scientists who say the summer minimum
2010's summer Arctic ice minimum is the third smallest in the satellite era.
  • Researchers say projections of summer ice disappearing entirely within the next few years
increasingly look wrong."...


Comment: Americans are told they must pay billions annually in climate 'reparations' because of constantly retracted 'science,' such as Arctic Ice extent, measurements for which do not exist over a substantial period of time to begin with. The entire climate reporting business is overseen by the same people
Ice Ages have come and gone long before the industrial era. How do they explain that? They can't. At best they say, well carbon trading is a good idea anyway. Civilized people want clean air and water, but those are
  • separate issues from catastrophic man induced CO2 danger and carbon trading. ed.
As per its mission statement,* the NRDC is anxious to
  • transfer hard earned US taxpayer dollars to 'developing' third world dictatorships:
9/16/10, NRDC, Climate finance: "This summer the Senate Appropriations Committee released budget recommendations for 2011 which include over
  • 1.2 billion to combat the impacts of global warming
  • pollution
and shift to a clean energy future. The funding will provide critical
drive clean energy investment and help vulnerable people adapt to climate change. The Senate recommendations released in July represent a significant increase from the 2010 climate change finance budget, despite some cuts by the Senate to the President’s proposed budget.
  • The anticipated 2011 climate funds are a good first step,
  • but the United States must step up its level of investment
over the next few years to shift developing countries away from highly polluting energy programs and toward low-carbon energy pathways. Increased public investment will be needed to scale up to the goals in the Copenhagen Accord. The funds available through this budget cycle will be an
*NRDC's mission statement says global warming is political, that environmental injustice is unfairly
Brutal equatorial dictators have been cashing in on do-gooder instincts of Americans for many years. Because of global warming (which does not exist), we are told we're still bad and must give billions more every year. But the climate profiteers are good, trust them.

and reportedly said one of the 3 reasons Al Gore's 2006 movie was a turning point was:

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