Friday, December 10, 2010

'Obama sees America as the problem. I see it as the solution.' S. Palin

It isn't so much that the left's philosophy (or Soros' if you want) carried to its logical outcome results in suffering and death. It's that that doesn't bother them. Baseball joins in on this scam. (It didn't bother 900 people in Guyana either). The obsessive hate America mind set says it's our fault if someone doesn't like us, even if they kick us to the gutter and take our last penny. Martyrdom and self flagellation makes some people feel good, superior. (What would they do without this identity?) Sports is bad, it's terrible for the environment, everything is bad. Don't reproduce, don't go on vacation, try not to breath, better yet, die (if you are middle class that is--if you are in the Ruling Class, party down). Of course none of this makes sense-it's only emotion, but it works. The middle class is dying all over. And certain others are amassing all the world's wealth.

12/9/10, "Barack Obama faces democrat tax rebellion and Sarah Palin's verbal barbs," UK Telegraph, Alex Spillius

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