Sunday, August 24, 2008

Still selling the 'save' stat without context and meaning, 8/24/08

  • Remember this the next time a BBWAA voter says he thinks the save stat is overhyped. The following little statistical excision tells you next to nothing about the ability of the pitcher, in fact makes him sound a bit of a dingbat, but leaves one thinking the save stat (alone) must be completely autonomous and revelatory. They can't deny it--here are the words:
(N.J. Star-Ledger): "The first five Yankees pitchers allowed 14 hits, three homers and four walks before Mariano Rivera got the final four outs
So what? This little grouping of regular season total save stats alone is meaningless. It fails to mention crucial 'save opportunities,' inherited runners, multiple inning appearances, ERA, WHIP, K/BB, appearances where through no fault of his own the pitcher may have been given a "Win" or a no decision. And of course did the reliever enter with a 1, 2, or 3 run lead. The only possible point of this part of the article is to inflate the value of the isolated 'save stat' for a political view held by the writer.
  • In fact, only one day ago, the same writer extolled another meaningless excision of the "total save stat." Meaning, it meant nothing and was just an excuse to place an entirely different pitcher's name in the same sentence as Mariano Rivera and failed to mention post season appearances and numerous other variables. A favorite pastime of certain flawed individuals:
8/23/08, Ed Price, Star-Ledger:
  • (Note the popular reference to "all-time" as opposed to "national league all time," which in this context still doesn't convey an accurate image. Unless you're trying to elevate Hoffman and deflate Rivera):
(Price, Star-Ledger, 8/23/08): "Bruney, Jose Veras and Mariano Rivera finished up."
Again, so what? You're telling us nothing except a superficial excision that at best is misleading as to the accomplishment and ability of 2 pitchers. Their names should never appear in the same sentence.
  • No one cares about Hoffman except bullies, wimps, BBWAA voters, anyone working at ESPN/MLB and anyone aspiring to do so.
Update: In reference to Ed Price's amplified late report on the 8/24 game:
  • First for the record on Ivan Rodriguez' bad throw in the 9th inning allowing Brian Roberts to go from 1st to 3rd,
  • The throw was officially charged as an error to Rodriguez.
  • The NY Times described it as having been thrown both late and wildly,
  • making no mention of Derek Jeter's glove.
This is how Ed Price described it:
  • "After Rivera walked Brian Roberts with two out in the ninth,
  • Roberts stole second and went to third when the throw from catcher Ivan Rodriguez
  • But Rivera struck out Nick Markakis to end the game."...
Price leaves out the important fact that there was an error on the throw.
Price leaves out any reference to the throw being bad and that it was charged an error.
  • That's not all Price does. He says the runner went to third WHEN the throw from Rodriguez
Anyone relying on Ed Price would have no choice but to blame Jeter, and would have no idea Rodriguez made a late and wild throw judged an error.
  • Can you think of any reason a BBWAA voter would do something like this? As a point of information since we all like information, Ed Price has already achieved immortality via the name of Derek Jeter.
  • When Jeter was up for MVP in 2006, Ed Price was tapped as one of the 2 New York area voters.
  • Price did not give his #1 for Jeter.

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