Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bud Selig's girly-men in the back room

  • It would take one BBWAA member willing to lose his career to expose this fraudulent group and its practices. But that man, a man with guts, does not exist. Proving something about a person who chooses this as a career in the first place:
Mike Vaccaro, NY Post, 11/9/05

"He was bound and gagged and put under an interrogation lamp

  • by a blind gaggle representing the Baseball Writers Assn. of America, who voted

overwhelmingly to make Bartolo Colon one of the most underwhelming Cy Young Award winners ever.

  • "Ridiculous? It isn't just ridiculous,
"And don’t think for one second that the fact that
  • Mariano Rivera plays for the New York Yankees
in certain quarters.
  • So that makes it spiteful, too.""
via Leather Penguin, "Bastards"

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