Thursday, January 28, 2010

Global Warming profiteers place their guys in all the right jobs in UK, dissenters simply frozen out

  • Who needs guns? By controlling outlets of information, no one will know about opposing views.
"He (Lord Nigel Lawson) created the Global Warming Policy Foundation as a public vehicle to confront and debate the issue with the entrenched
  • GW (Global Warming) establishment –
who control just about every other institution in Britain:
  • BBC Radio,
  • BBC Television and BBC Online – all strongly PRO AGW,
  • the Royal Society,
  • the MET Office,
  • ALL the universities,
  • the RSPB,
  • WWF (World Wildlife Fund),
  • English Nature,
  • Scottish Natural Heritage,
  • ALL the Wildlife Trusts,
It is a staggeringly UN-Sceptical establishment and it has not been achieved without massive effort on the part of the AGW lobby
  • to place their men in all the right jobs.
To go up against all that is a very, very brave thing to do! Lawson will be blackballed from just about every gathering of the establishment – and I have never seen him on the BBC since he ran his colours up the mast. Another prominent sceptic – the famous botanist – David Bellamy
The UK feels more and more like the old East Germany – certainly as far as the imposition of the ‘Party Line’ is concerned -
  • which is promulgated by the BBC all day, every day.
Lawson deserves a medal; maybe the Nobel Prize for 2011?...Lord Nigel Lawson was Chancellor of the Exchequer during Margaret Thatcher’s government; here in the UK, the role of Chancellor is only second in importance to the Prime Minister – as the controller of all economic policy in the UK. Lawson always came across as a highly intelligent man and a highly honourable man – even to those on the opposite side of the political fence.
  • He has been exemplary in being the only member of the British parliamentary establishment to speak out about the Global Warming scam."...
  • Borderer, 10:51:44 1/29/10, commenter to WUWT post, "Lord Lawson calls for CRU inquiry to be held in Public

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