Friday, February 5, 2010

Obama wastes billions more on carbon scams that could be spent on the poor

  • What lucky '5 to 10' corporations will get paid off by Obama for a non-existent problem that over 20 years (due to lax US leadership) has turned into the world's biggest industry?
" “US President Barack H. Obama issued a presidential memorandum creating an inter-agency task force to develop a comprehensive carbon capture and storage strategy. …
  • While the CCS initiative will have a bigger direct impact on coal producers and users, it potentially will affect oil and gas producers, several of whom already use carbon dioxide for enhanced oil recovery. …

US Department of Energy and

  • Environmental Protection Agency officials

will chair the task force, which will develop within 6 months a plan to overcome barriers to widespread CCS deployment within 10 years, the White House said. It added that the group’s goals also will include

Even the UN decided to exclude so-called 'CARBON CAPTURE' from its bottomless pit of approved carbon cures (12/09 at COP15). The 'big oil' villains Obama, Gore and others refer to are of course very much in on the cash behind the carbon scam. Royal Dutch Shell is in line for 'carbon capture' cash.

via Tom Nelson

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