Sunday, April 4, 2010

Global warming's thin ice has broken, but that's peanuts. The real scandal is the silence of big US media.

Letter to OC Register: ""Let's hope that your editorial, "Arnold's global warming ardor cooling" [March 30], marks the beginning of new sanity emerging from Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on the massive economic destruction that AB 32 will bring to California if we implement its onerous and, from a global-impact perspective, totally meaningless provisions.
  • There is no more iconic symbol of the colossal failure of the global-warming alarmists' climate-fear predictions than
  • the claim that the Arctic sea ice will disappear in a few years.
All 2007 United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report Arctic sea ice model predictions show that there will be no recovery of this ice from its recent historical low point in the summer of 2007.
  • Yet a huge recovery of that sea ice is exactly what has happened again, showing how political activist scientists twisted their models and data to get the "right" answer. A number of studies published in the Geophysical Research Letters by the Jet Propulsion Laboratorystarting in late 2007 used satellite data to show that unusual Arctic winds conditions,
and not global warming, drove the recent 2007 reductions in sea ice. Yet these studies were simply ignored by the climate alarmists. Later studies have shown that these wind conditions have abated, which is leading to increased sea ice growth.
  • According to surface temperature data from the Climate Research Unit, Arctic temperatures have declined since 2004 and continue that trend.
  • Thus the 2007 Arctic sea ice decline was not driven by changes in temperatures, which further supports the conclusions of the JPL studies.

According to satellite data from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency there is now more Arctic sea ice present than at any time during the last seven years and the trend of growing sea ice continues for both winter and summer conditions. This outcome is completely opposite to what the United Nations IPCC predicted, again demonstrating their political climate-fear bias.

global warming crisis is a fraud driven by political ideology.

Larry Hamlin

Dana Point"

Letter to Orange County Register, 4/2/10, "Get ready, global warming's thin ice is breaking," via Tom Nelson

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