Thursday, June 17, 2010

Factual error in Laurie David global warming book for children, Leo DiCaprio video withdrawn

  • Al Gore friend Laurie David in forefront of twisting innocent minds of other peoples' children, then having the children sell the damage to their parents. Parents pay for the scam with their hard earned taxes. Schools are starting to pick up on their mistake.
6/17, Laurie David global warming children's' book to be withdrawn due to factual error. Say will be returned after corrections. Farther down the article is revealed that a "video" has been shown to children along with presentation of David's books. the video, of course with Leo DiCaprio, is being permanently withdrawn from classroom showing in Nebraska's Millard School district.
  • "materials used in...class portrayed global warming as fact when scientists disagree.
In the video, DiCaprio attributes global warming to mankind’s "destructive addiction" to oil. He says "big corporations" and politicians gained too much money and power "on our addiction," making them "dangerously resistant to change.""
  • from, "Global warming book withdrawn," via Tom Nelson
(Di Caprio, what are you telling us to use in our cars instead of oil, starting tomorrow? If you were the "caring" person you imagine yourself to be, wouldn't you have that worked out before selling your anti-oil pitch? ed.)

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