Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Parent says Al Gore book inappropriate for 4th grader summer reading

7/26, "Parent concerned that Al Gore's book on summer reading list for 4th graders," WVEC.com, K. Hopkins, Norfolk, Virginia

The book, An Inconvenient Truth, is on the Norfolk Public Schools’ recommended summer reading list for fourth graders.

  • "It shows the different things in the planet erupting and visual disturbances in the book itself. I have skimmed through it, there are frightening things in there.
  • His whole point to that book is to shock people," says Laura Brown.

Also are the list are more standard fare – like Matilda or The American Girl.

  • School officials say the list of books is just a suggestion as recommended by the American Library System.

Board vice chair Karen Squires Jones says she has no problem with Gore’s book, but says it's likely better material for high school students.

  • She also believes some people are opposed to Gore and his viewpoints so they won't see his book as being factual.

In England, the High Court ruled the film, which won two Academy Awards, could be sent and used in schools - if accompanied by guidance

  • Parents can fill out a form challenging instructional materials." via Tom Nelson

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